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Antlers VideoWhile every hunter is fascinated by huge bucks, few other topics are sourrounded by so many mysteries. Why are some racks so much bigger than others? How effectvely do big bucks spread their superior genes through the herd? What causes drop tines? And finally, a question that's debated in deer camps everywhere: Are spike bucks genetically inferior? These are but a few of the running debates in the complex world of whitetail antlers.

Solving these puzzles has been an ongoing quest for Dr. James Kroll -- "Dr. Deer"-- and his research associate, Ben Koerth. And now, following years of study at the Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research, these experts are ready to reveal what they've learned -- including the results ofa ground-breaking research project on antler growth in wild whitetail bucks. Its' a video presentation like no other!