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New and Useful Tools for Managing and Hunting Whitetail Deer

As a member of Dr. Deer you will gain access and be on the inside track to a vast amount of knowledge and information that has been gathered over the past 40 years by Dr. James Kroll and Ben Koerth and Wayne Sitton. Remember, the Dr. Deer Team are the folks who first brought you,

  • Infrared Trail Cameras
  • The First Whitetail Mineral
  • The First Scientifically Formulated Deer Feed
  • The First Food Plot Research
  • Much of the Terms and Knowledge About Mature Buck Behavior
  • Electric Fences for Whitetails

If it is new and useful for managing and hunting whitetails, you will have the inside track! You will find out about our new discoveries long before they are published or broadcast.

Members also will gain access to the Dr. Deer Management System, a searchable database of videos, articles, special reports and more about every aspect of the Dr. Deer Management System. Here are just some of the topics covered in our system:

  • Nutrition, Food Plots
  • Nutrition, Feeding
  • Habitat Management
  • Mast and Fruit Tree Management
  • Harvest Tactics
  • Patterning
  • Controlling Deer Movements
  • People Management
  • Genetic Management
  • Marketing Your Operation
  • Habitat Management
  • Herd Management
  • Record-Keeping and Evaluation

Members can search the multimedia database constantly updated by Team members. If Dr. Deer said it, wrote it or televised it, the search engine will find it! Ever wish you could find an article Dr. Kroll wrote years ago? Well, it probably is in our archives. You will be provided information about white-tailed deer hunting, biology, management tools, and current national and state issues. In addition there will be members-only live-streaming video of Dr. Kroll's seminars and work in the field through live and delayed broadcasts; available to YOU 24/7, 365. All broadcasts are archived for YOU to view on demand. We constantly are updating each section of the site to insure YOU have the latest information available.

All New, as a member you will have direct access to Dr. Deer himself through a secure email address! That alone is worth the price of membership. Once you are a member, notify us and we will  send you the information. 

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